Soft Tissue Fillers


To contour and smooth wrinkles, lines and hollow areas in the face, or to augment the lips or cheeks for a younger, fuller appearance we can inject soft tissue fillers:

  • JuvĂ©derm™
  • Perlane®
  • Radiesse™
  • Collagen
  • Restylane®
  • Fat Injections

Conditions that often appear due to aging include nasolabial folds, perioral rhytids, as well as a loss of volume in the cheeks and hands. Nasolabial folds are wrinkles that produce folds on the side of the face. These folds extend towards the nose. Perioral rhytids are wrinkles which appear around the mouth and lips. Many of these injections can be used for the face, lips, hands, and cheeks, correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

Dr. Weinberg is an expert at this non-surgical solution to wrinkles, lines, and other undesirable cosmetic imperfections. Having successfully performed this procedure on many patients, he can help you achieve the optimal youthful appearance. All of the soft tissue filler procedures that Dr. Weinberg uses are FDA approved for safety and effectiveness.

The key to self-confidence is a better looking you.

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