Breast Lift

BREAST LIFT (Mastopexy)

Sagging breasts may happen over time due to age, heredity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Breast lift surgery raises the breasts by removing excess skin to reposition breasts higher on the chest wall. The breast lift procedure tightens the surrounding breast tissue and can reduce the size of the areola that may have stretched along with the breasts.

A breast lift does not change the general size of your breast or make the top of the breast fuller. Sometimes, breast lift surgery can include breast augmentation using implants or fat transfer. Breast lift procedures may also be performed as part of breast reduction surgery.

Skin tightening for breasts is a good choice for patients who are satisfied with their breast volume but wish to firm up and raise them for a more youthful look. A patient may consider mastopexy if their nipples point downward, they have trouble wearing bras, or their breasts are asymmetrical. Dr. Weinberg is a Medical Board Certified breast lift surgeon in NY, and is a plastic surgeon in NYC. Call our office to schedule a consultation, and learn about all the options to improve the look and contours of your breasts.

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