Dr. Weinberg is an authority in the genetically inherited disorder known as neurofibromatosis. His depth of knowledge in the subject has transformed him into a pioneer in its treatment, making him one of the few doctors on the planet to treat the disorder in a quick and near painless fashion. Dr. Weinberg uses a new treatment method, called electrodesiccation, by which the doctor treats large clusters, made up of hundreds of tumors (neurofibromas). This is done in one sitting as opposed to having each neurofibroma removed with a scalpel.

In electrodesiccation, an electrical current is used to desiccate or dry out and kill the neurofibroma tissue. A special type of knife with a thin point runs a current through the neurofibroma, drying it out and killing it. This technique is less invasive than the traditional surgical removal methods.

The electrodesiccation procedure usually done on an outpatient or ambulatory basis. It is often performed over the course of an hour or two. A local anesthetic can be used when removing cluster of tumors from a small area of the body, but a general anesthetic is needed for removals over a larger area of skin. The surgery is usually painless and, because of the improved anesthesia, the patient generally goes home within one or two hours.

It is important to make sure that the insurance company does not assume that the procedure is cosmetic. Neurofibromas are associated with pain and discomfort, and they have a certain malignant potential. There are specific codes that the surgeon must use to have the procedure qualify for coverage. Patients should make sure that their doctor uses these codes when submitting paperwork to the patient’s insurance company. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


The electrodesiccation treatment is the answer to neurofibromatosis. It removes the clusters of unsightly tumors, making patients feel better about their body and appearance. See the transformation his patients have made under this breakthrough procedure.

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