Male Breast Reduction


Male breast reduction is a surgery that reduces glandular tissue in male breasts. It is a treatment that is primarily used to resolved gynecomastia, which is more commonly known as enlarged male breast. Sometimes, due to weight gain, but also due to hormonal changes, males will develop engorged mammary glands.

Almost 50% of men in the United States suffer from enlarged male breast. It’s a condition that can happen to males at any age, including teenagers and adult men. Many of these patients are self-conscious about having to deal with enlarged breast, leading them to avoid social interaction and outdoor activities.

Male breast reduction surgery has proven to provide effective and long lasting results. Some patients have even been known to experience an improvement to their emotional state and quality of life. We can perform this surgery at our Manhattan clinic, giving you a well formed, contoured chest that is firmer and flatter.

The key to self-confidence is a better looking you.

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